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I am a 1996 graduate of University of the Art’s Philadelphia College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts/ Painting and Drawing, and in 2012 graduated from the Art Education department with a Masters of Arts degree. While enrolled at the University of the Arts as an undergraduate student, I majored in Painting and Drawing and held a minor in Art Education. I also was the recipient of several awards while attending Uarts including the Ernest W. Greenfield Annual Award in Painting, the Peter J. McCahill Memorial Award in Art Education, and a finalist for the Rohm and Haas Fine Arts Award, all of which were awarded in1996. I was also awarded the prestigious position of giving the students address at the 1996 commencement.


I have taught art and design to many different communities of students in the Philadelphia area, ranging from pre-K to adults from various backgrounds. I have taught at schools and/or organizations such as the Philadelphia School District, Foundations, Inc. at Christopher Columbus Charter School, Friends Central, University City Arts League, the Creative Artists Network, University of Pennsylvania, and most recently at Genspace NYC.I am a practicing artist with a variety of artistic interests. Recently, I have been focusing my artistic interest into 3D printing, working with the Penn Museum scanning and printing items form their permanent collection. I am currently employed full time as a Art teacher at the C.C.A. Baldi Middle school in Philadelphia, where I run the Baldi Makerspace. I teach a variety of classes, all of which are geared towards students full understanding, appreciation, and education in the visual arts.I place a special emphasis on multicultural, interdisciplinary, and technological education in the visual arts, in my current position, as well as wherever I am teaching.

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