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Smithsonian Learning Lab Collections

This is the first of many new blogs (since usually I interact with social media via direct contact). I have some beautiful news. I would like to announce that in conjunction with the wonderful people at Smithsonian Learning Lab, I have created three collections based on my expertise in 3D printing, coding, and digital media in the art and design classroom. With their help and access to their vast collection (as well as the Penn Museums), I completed these collections after crafting them over many months. I have three brand new collections that I been working extremely hard on, honing them so that they will be accessible to teachers and usable in your classroom. I don't want to talk to much about the content, but I am extremely proud of my work.Please take the time to check them out, and feel free to contact me with any questions.




Inca Aryballus Vessels 3D Modeling/Printing

3D Printing/ Printmaking with Latin American Designs

Aztecs and Coding



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